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ADAS Resets

ADAS: What is it?

Our car repair experts explain what is meant by ADAS and explain how we can repair it. ADAS stands for ‘Advanced driver-assistance systems’, which are electronic systems in a vehicle...

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Rust Removal

Rust Removal: Car Cancer

Keeping your car’s body pristine throughout its life not only reflects you care but also your pride for your car. However, as cars are made out of metal, one process...

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Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels: Different Types

The experts at our car body shop know all about alloy wheel repair and alloy damage. The most common types are powder coated alloy wheels and diamond cut alloy wheels....

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Top 3 Most Popular Insurance Providers

Insurance: Popular Providers

The experts at our car body shop know how important it is for everyone to have an insurance policy that they are content with. It is a legal requirement to...

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Most popular car colours in the UK

Most Popular Car Colours

The vehicle repair experts at our accident repair centre have revealed the most popular car colours in the UK. The dent repair specialists have also disclosed the effect that this...

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Vehicle Body Repairs

Here at Jenkins & Pain we are approved for many of the leading insurance providers. However we can also carry out retail repairs for private customers. If you lease a...

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Tyres - alloy wheel repair - summer tyre - dent repair - tyre scuff fix

Types of Summer Tyre

Summer tyres are undoubtedly the most common type of tyres in the United Kingdom. They perform best on dry and wet roads and are designed to guarantee optimal performance in...

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Steering Geometry

Steering Geometry

Steering geometry is the geometric arrangement of the parts of a steering system, and the value of the lengths and angles within. Steering geometry problems generally tend to occur with...

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Car emissions - green parts

Ways to Reduce Emissions

Reducing your vehicle’s emissions is not only good for the environment, but a cleaner car also offers better performance, increased fuel economy and is less expensive to run. Using green...

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What are green parts for cars?

What are Green Parts for Cars?

rSometimes referred to as recycled or used, green parts are official manufacturer parts that have been removed from a vehicle during the dismantling and recycling process. The labelling as ‘green’...

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